The Submerging Church Trailer

View the trailer for the documentary that has been hailed as one of the most compelling and thoroughly researched projects exposing the mind of the Emergent Church! Don’t forget to order your copy today!

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A Directory of Authors (Three NOT Recommended Lists)

Written & Compiled by Chris Lawson

It is no secret these days that Christian bookstore and ministry resource databases are often jam-packed with so-called Christian resources that are actually promoting anything but biblical Christianity.

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Where Did the Emergent Church ‘Emerge’ From?

Contributed by: Dave Fiorazo

WARNING: The author of this article has determined that ignoring the following information may be hazardous to your spiritual health,

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Rick Warren’s Ecumenical Idolatry!

by Joe Schimmel

Did Rick Warren Pray to Allah in the Name of a Muslim Prophet?

Rick Warren—who is one of President Barack Obama’s bridges to the evangelical church—managed to pray an inaugural prayer that made nearly everyone happy, with the exception, that is, of the one true God

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